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Such a pleasure working with Christopher over these past years. I was impressed by his knowledge on French wines and Bordeaux; his ability to buy wines, from entry level to top classified growths, and to take decisions and negotiate.

— Nicolas Boissonneau February 26, 2018


I had the opportunity to work with Christopher for 5 years. His extensive knowledge for Bordeaux wines, accurate skills of analysis and negotiation, makes him a real and complete professional in purchasing and selling Bordeaux classified and non classified growth.

— Mathieu Duvert February 19, 2018


I had a pleasure of working closely with Christopher on several levels at JJ Buckley. The company saw immediate results with an increase in key import categories direct from Europe. Bottom line, sales increased and contribution margins maintained with products that we never before had access to.

Beyond his tremendous knowledge of wine, it was his negotiating skills and his ability to multi-task that I found more impressive. The sell-through on the products that he sourced was amazing. This was a direct result of understanding the market and knowing the exactly how to price out a wine.

With my many years in both on-premise and off-premise enterprises, Christopher is one of the most experienced buyers in the nation with the ability to have an instant impact on a national wine program or high-end specialty boutique operation.

— Neil Mechanic February 17, 2018


“Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative.”

There are precisely three (3) people whose firm recommendation will entice me to purchase a wine in volume without my having first tasted it. Christopher is one of them.

This speaks to his integrity, knowledge and experience. It also speaks to his uncanny ability to integrate his knowledge of wine (and food) with the palate of others. I use the word “uncanny” not because he knows how to speak to me and other somewhat educated oenophiles. We’re fairly easy because we, at times, communicate with specificity using a common nomenclature.

The uncanny applies when a consumer walks into a store seeking that life changing taste experience for their dinner that evening — all in a sub-$15 bottle of wine. Christopher asks questions, listens to discern the elements of taste the consumer appreciates and recommends. So far, no big deal as millions of ignorant wine sales people enact that petty deceit each day. What amazes is the consumer returning with friends the next week to buy more and truly begin their education. Thus was the true essence of Christopher’s Wine Warehouse. I have observed Christopher successfully pull off that most difficult task of aligning taste and pocketbook for the “I think the label was white and had a coat of arms or was it a castle” consumer so many times.

He’s also a truly nice guy.

— Michael Camp February 4, 2010


I first met Christopher shortly after I moved to Houston from the East Coast.

I had searched all over the city for a wine merchant equal to the establishments I frequented in and around Washington, D.C. Christopher’s Wine Warehouse not only equaled but exceeded my expectations.

His palate is among the best I’ve ever encountered and that, together with his depth of knowledge and passion for wine, resulted in a shop with unparalleled selections from everyday values to collectors bottles.

He is also on the cutting edge of the biodynamic and organic wine movement, an expertise that is increasingly important to many consumers.

— Theresa Jacoby February 1, 2010


Christopher Massie holds the Diplome D’Honneur de Sommelier — and possesses a superb palate.

He is also a fantastic businessman, who is creative, diplomatic, and charming. His firm, Christopher’s, featured some of the finest wines I have ever been privileged to enjoy, and they were each hand-selected with great care and passion by Mr. Massie.

He has a gift for wine selection mitigated only by a keen business sensibility. I look forward to following his career and rise in an industry in great need of his expertise!

— Judy Young January 28, 2010


Christopher has relentless passion for his work and consistently delivered on providing great value and education. Christopher also picked up early important trends in technology which have impacted the field. He never let me down with his work.

— Sigmund Hsu January 26, 2010


Christopher has an excellent knowledge of wine.

His selection of wines for my wedding received raves not only from the guests, but other vendors were interested in working with him on other events. As my wine dealer of choice, he was very personable and always knew the perfect recommendation to suit my palate and to match what I was serving for the dinner engagements I had.

—Rick Holm January 25, 2010


I commend and thank you for sourcing and providing these quality value wines. In difficult economic times like this, it’s nice to know that our wine merchant understands that we can’t all be drinking $100 bottles like we used to. That is why you will be our preferred wine merchant in good times and bad. Until those good times return, cheers! Keep these values a comin’!

—T. Smith (Houston) 01/27/09



…Maybe one day he’ll grow and look for more in his wines and his wine merchant — and I hope he’ll remember the “small selection” and “small store” in the Village.

I certainly don’t think of small as a pejorative in this case!

And I think I can speak to it, because *I* wasn’t always the sort of wine consumer who would have “gotten” your store. I’ve only fairly recently started caring as much about shopping for wines as, say, shopping for my gadgets. It’s taken time.

I want to think that there’s a contingent of shoppers like that, and an even bigger contingent of shoppers who haven’t really thought about it much and are open to persuasion.

klw (Houston, TX)


I want to personally thank you for helping me develop an appreciation for wine tastes, flavor, structure and building up my vocabulary and education…My thoughts and best wishes to you and your family for resiliency and good health for the upcoming year.
S.Hsu – (Houston)


You have been a gracious guide into the world of wine for me and I’m sure my brother feels the same.  There is no doubt that you are unique in this business. Your friend in wine and life,
T.A. (Houston)



I served these at a dinner party on Sunday and got rave reviews. Guests were asking where I got the wines and I referred them to you.

Keep up the good work.

R Dickson (Houston)