The Progressive Wine Retailer and the Texas Market

Someone asked me recently how I envisioned the name for my new consulting company, “Chisholm Trail Wine Co.” I answered by attempting to verbally paint them a picture. “The only thing more painstaking”, I began, “than trying to drive a herd of Texas Longhorn cattle from the southern mouth of the Red River in Texas to Kansas City, Kansas in the 19th century, has got to be attempting to convince Texas retailers of wine that the antiquated post-prohibition, three-tiered distribution system by which they’ve been selling wine in this state is equally as out-dated – and unnecessary – as that trail that my consulting business is nicknamed for.”

And it’s as true as the Texas landscape is vast. A progressive, forward-thinking – now retired – stalwart in the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC), after years of growing frustrated with the language of the wine laws in the state, rewrote a particular chapter of the TABC code pertaining to wine regulations. Prior to his undertaking, wine shops were saddled with the burden of purchasing their inventory strictly from wholesalers in the state; resulting in higher prices to the consumer, limited selections and an inability to compete both with retailers in states outside Texas not burdened with a 3-tiered configuration as well as the giant retailers better positioned to “deal” on volume. Subsequent to the new language, boutique retailers now have an edge.

If only the boutiques knew the language existed!

And that’s where Chisholm Trail Wine Co. | Consultants to the TX Wine Trade comes in.

Through more than 25 years experience – including 10 years in sole proprietorship battling the antiquated system in much the same manner as our clients-to-be are currently – we offer an unmatched opportunity for the small to mid-sized wine-only retail owner to:

• maximize brand awareness,
• exponentially increase sales,
• substantially multiply a client-base,
• thoroughly boost profit margins and
• expand a business’ virtual reach –

…all at practically no out of pocket costs…

All that’s required is that inaugural step: rounding up the cattle and hitting the trail – that’s synonymous for: picking up the phone and calling us!

Whether you want to sell imports, domestics, Texas wines, a combination of all the aforementioned or something even more vinously specialized, we know the ropes and how to build your product selections. Perhaps it’s time to expand those horizons…