Brigaldara Amarone della Valpolicella Case Vecie 2009 – Stefano Cesari’s Best Ever

Aerial View of Brigaldara

Aerial View of Brigaldara

“The impressive 2009 Amarone della Valpolicella Case Vecie is a protagonist of the vintage… an object of real beauty.” Wine Advocate (ML)

With those words – and the highest score for any 2009 Amarone published up to that point – Wine Advocate used issued #217 to place Brigaldara on a pedestal reserved for the singular names in Amarone and the Veneto. For Stefano Cesari, it would be a proper recognition of a life’s work.

Perfectly situated on an incline above the Marano Valley (one of the four valleys which comprise the Valpolicella Classico zone) to the north of Verona and just outside San Floriano, Bigaldara’s 125 acre estate includes vineyards within the most important communes of the DOC. In particular, their “Case Vecie” vineyard – in the commune of Grezzana – is one of their most important holdings.

The estate bottled wines from Brigaldara began to gain recognition in the 1980s and Stefano Cesari recognized the importance of augmenting the family’s “Case Vecie” holding with additional parcels at higher elevations. Through rental agreements, the family began planting additional parcels to the “Case Vecie” vineyard in the early 1990s. The fruit from this new plot – 1,500 feet in elevation – has added phenomenal depth to the Amarone Case Vecie bottling.

For 2009, Brigaldara bottled their single greatest version of this intense, full bodied, ultra-complex yet elegant, velvety and flat out sexy wine to date. Gambero Rosso: Tre Bicchieri; Bibenda Wine Guide: 5 GRAPPOLI; and of course, our beloved Wine Advocate: 95 points!

2009 Brigaldara Amarone della Valpolicella Case Vecie

The impressive 2009 Amarone della Valpolicella Case Vecie is a protagonist of the vintage thanks to the immense clarity and purity of fruit that is put on proud display. One step beyond those pretty fruit tones are more evolved and elaborate tones of leather, tar, resin, licorice and grilled herb. The wine is aged for four years in both barrique and botte grande and the oak has positively impacted the smooth, luscious texture of the mouthfeel. This is an object of real beauty.

95 points – Wine Advocate (ML)

For Amarone lovers and purists, this is a must-have …

Giuseppe Quintarelli ~ A Master’s Vision called Alzero

The Maestro!


Until his death at the age of 84 (January 15 of 2012), after suffering from Parkinson’s for many years, Giuseppe Quintarelli was the living, reigning master of the Veneto. In his memory, it is rightfully remembered that he remains the single most important as well as gifted man of the vine that the region ever produced. His wines, from the incomparable Valpolicella, to the greatest Amarone one will ever experience are legends without equal or rival. Even the great Romano dal Forno, who studied under Giuseppe, could not disagree as to the undeniable importance of the singular offers that once emanated from the cellars of Quintarelli.

Among the most unique offers to be introduced to the world of wine was Giuseppe – “Beppe” – Quintarelli’s Cabernet Franc and Cabernet concoction known as Alzero. Produced similarly as his Amarone wines – in a style known as appassimento – Beppe offered the adventurous-minded a barrique-aged wine to rival the finest wines of Bordeaux and beyond. By drying the grapes similarly as one would prior to vinifying an Amarone, Quintarelli combined the old and new world concepts of vinification, which resulted in one of the most intensely flavorful and complex wines ever bottled.

Further towards his goal of defining perfection in the Veneto, Beppe was a staunch proponent of miniscule yields – a practice not overlooked for his Cabernet plantings. Debuting his offering of the Alzero in 1982, Beppe would establish his own parameters for what would eventually be called the “Cheval Blanc of Italy” through his own vision of blending, aging and barrel time. While the predominant variety for his Alzero began as Cabernet Franc, in certain vintages – customary for Beppe – higher percentages of Cabernet could be incorporated. And as per usual for the maestro, the amount of aging time, as well the release date for any given vintage was strictly a decision left to one man – Giuseppe.

We are proud to have for our clients the most recent release of this most stunning offering from the family of Quintarelli. Best described similarly as Galloni did when summarizing the essence of the great 1990 version of Alzero: “imagine Cheval Blanc (1) picked at even higher sugars than it was in a great vintage like 1990 or 1982, (2) given more aging before release, and (3) bottled with no fining or filtration…”, we feel confident that the few bottles you secure today will be some of the most treasured in your collection.


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