Massolino Barolo | A Towering 2009 from the Family who Lit the Way

Serralunga d’Alba

Serralunga d’Alba

At the end of the 19th century, the tiny hamlet of Serralunga d’Alba needed a spark, quite literally. Electricity had yet to find this corner of Italy. It would be Great-grandfather Massolino, Giovanni Massolino, who would not only establish a family estate but light the village, as well.

Giovanni Massolino’s accomplishments in 1896 established his progeny as the founders of the village; torchbearers for Barolo. His son established the wine-grower’s consortium in the 1930’s, ensuring quality, control and an identity for Baroli. Serralunga d’Alba owes its very history to these pioneers – true vanguards – without the Massolino family, who knows what Barolo might be today.

The founder’s Great-grandson bought the family’s first single Cru, but today’s generation remains focused on the family’s true jewel, their “simple” or “straight” Barolo.

Specially blended from hand selected plots within each single Cru, this DOCG Barolo outshines even the most illustrious single Crus in top vintages.

Massolino Barolo

2009 Massolino Barolo

For 2009, it took my breath away! I simply adore it.

With Spectator’s 95 point endorsement, you can’t go wrong. An amazing wine; from the family who lit the way.


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