Phenomenal Pinot – Roessler Direct to YOU


Hello again friends,

For several vintages now, including a couple of offers some of you enjoyed in the old wine shop, I’ve been discussing the wines from Roessler Cellars in Sonoma.  Home to some of the finest Pinot Noirs I not only have sold, but collect and regularly consume as well, Roessler routinely releases what many in the wine world consider some of this country’s most Burgundian-styled offers one may find.  With aromas, textures and balanced weight that combine to form pristine and focused wines unmatched by most in Sonoma, this is a winery you should seriously place on your radar.

In 2004, one of my most respected colleagues, Stephen Tanzer, described the Roessler “Bluejay” as offering “aromatics reminiscent of Burgundy”, high praise indeed from a wine writer and critic most of us in the professional wine writing world consider the most difficult palate on the planet.  Adding more high praise to Roessler, my personal favorite Pinot critic, Allen Meadows, AKA Burghound, described a 2004 Savoy as a wine that was “very pure” and one that would “please purists”, again giving a nod to we Burgundy drinkers.  It’s praise like this that sent me in search of these treasures in the first place.  I was NOT disappointed.

I have tasted all three of the wines you have an opportunity to latch onto today.  Each is a classic, deserving of its lofty scores and near cult status.  I’ve routinely scored the wines 90 and above for their purity, balance and sheer grace and the ability these offers have of expressing their individual terroirs is magical.  That’s the point of classic Pinot Noir; be they Burgundian, West Coast, or a magical marriage of the two, we true “purists”, as Burghound describes us, demand individuality.

And these Roesslers offer that by the bucket-full.

And priced at $99 for the 3 pack, this is the best deal out there!


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