Domaine Rossignol-Trapet – A Gevrey-Chambertin Superstar

Nicolas Rossignol in the cellar.


I first encountered these 100% biodynamically farmed (certified as of 2005), increasingly transparent and terroir driven wines in 2002, while traveling Burgundy to sample the newly bottled vintage. Tasting Nicolas Rossignol-Trapet’s wines again this year at the GJDB reveals a Domaine truly on their game.


Rossignol-Trapet is a Domaine that was formed by the marriage of the Rossignol and Trapets. The Rossignol family hails from Volnay dating to the 1500s and the Trapet side of this family landed in Gevrey circa the 18th century. Through the marriage of Nicolas Rossignol to Florence Trapet, today’s Domaine Rossignol-Trapet now encompasses roughly 35 acres, spanning nearly a dozen unique lieu dits.


Recognizing that improved vines and healthier grapes naturally result in superior wines, in 1997 brothers Nicolas and David embarked on their mission to convert their vineyards to biodynamic agriculture. In a recent interview, Nicolas clarified this decision by stating that in the beginning, the decision to move to biodynamic agriculture was not necessarily to produce better wines, as his family had been offering top quality for many years. The decision, however, was based on his desire to pass down to the next generation a healthy and vibrant land capable of producing higher and higher quality wines for the decades to come.


Today’s offers from the Domaine Rossignol-Trapet reflect the attention to vineyard management and improvements in the cellars that were launched in the late 1990s. Recently released vintages as well as newly reviewed offers of this Domaine’s entire range have garnered the most impressive reviews to date from the professional press – worldwide. In the words of Burghound, “They are becoming a truly excellent domaine.”


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