Nicolas Potel’s Collection Bellenum – Spanning the Decades to Bring Burg Lovers the Best



Nicolas Potel’s winemaking career was launched at the Domaine de la Pousse d’Or in Volnay.  From that illustrious beginning he went on to establish his own negoce operation in 1996, complementing that by establishing Maison Potel-Aviron in 2000. Moreover, Nicolas built up his own estate in 2005 – Domaine de Bellene – which he based in Beaune. The core of Domaine de Bellene is centered on 15 hectares of organic vines throughout the Cote de Beaune.


Further expanding his reach and scope, after departing from the parent company SAS Nicolas Potel in 2008, Nicolas launched a new negociant business called “Maison Roche de Bellene”. This unique venture offers exclusively the finest wines, in limited cuvees towards the goal of being a singular “Haute Couture” negociant in Burgundy. Mainly focusing on wines from the Cote de Nuits, Potel has the widest selection of Grand Crus from Burgundy complemented by numerous Premier Cru offerings as well.


Finally, Nicolas Potel launched a range of VERY rare older vintage bottlings, under the name “Collection Bellenum”. These wines, dating back to 1959 are the result of a very strict selection of old vintages released from the wine cellars of some of the most famous producers of Burgundy. The name of the project – Bellenum – was chosen as to celebrate the city of Beaune and the name it bore during the Roman period (Belena – the origin of which comes from the ancient Gallic god of sun and beauty).


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