2016 Bordeaux – My Days with the Big Guns – Chateau Margaux – Wine of the Vintage II


                           Chateau Margaux — the Appellation’s Wine of the Vintage

The day I would visit Chateau Margaux for my scheduled tasting of their 2016 during en primeur week – a week involving more than 400 samplings of 2016 Bordeaux – began bright and early with a formal, 9am (sharp) appointment at Chateau Lafite. Indeed, my day which included the unforgettable set of wines at Chateau Margaux (which I scored 97-99 points) – their Grand Vin very easily on par with Mouton Rothschild for Wine of the Vintage honors – included more riches than I can recall in a single day of tasting Bordeaux en primeur.

That brilliantly sunny day – impeccable, real “Chamber of Commerce” kind of day – witnessed yours truly at Chateau Palmer (which I scored 96-98 points), Chateau Ducru Beaucaillou (another 96-98 pour moi) where the “sights” are as beautiful as the Chateau and the many wines offered for tasting, as well as Chateau Leoville Las Cases (yes, another 96-98 points), where it felt I was tasting perhaps the most glorious Las Cases in years.

All of this just one day after finishing up at Chateau Mouton Rothschild (98-100 for me), as well as the drop dead gorgeous Chateau Latour (97-99 points), which we won’t see for years – and years.

Yes, there were more than 100 additional 2016 Bordeaux across those two days – plus an addition couple dozen over dinners and lunch breaks.

But there can be no denying the amazing presence, the glamor, the sheer “gotta have it” of the 2016 Chateau Margaux.

2016 Perfection?

For me, unfortunately, memories will have to suffice, as allocations of Chateau Margaux are so drastically limited that only a few of you will enjoy the opportunity to purchase this gem – I’ll have to rely on the generosity of others.



From the Cellar – 2005 Palmer, A Towering Wine Begins to Shine


Been away from posting awhile, took a new position with B-21 in Florida as of late December and have been flat out swamped since day one…

Among my ever expanding duties: authoring the multitude of weekly email offers. Side benefit: content for the blog!

Here’s one I really liked – the piece AND the wine…

My annual en premier jaunts through Bordeaux for the past several years include appointments with practically every name in the book. From the moment my team and I disembark and hit the ground – usually beginning with our friends on the Left bank – we are absorbed, inundated and, quite frankly overwhelmed with the sheer volume of wines to be sampled. Included with “the good stuff” during en premier week are all those Petit Chateaux and Cru Bourgeois wines, too. Not to mention the Right Bank: where dozens and dozens of outstanding St Emilion and Pomerol bottlings await us. But through it all –Lafite, Latour, Haut Brion, Petrus, Pavie, Ausone – there is one which I look forward to more than all of the others. The opportunity to taste Palmer – especially from a great vintage – truly captivates me. That’s how it was in the Spring of 2010 (when I tasted the ’09). And that’s how it was in the Spring of 2006, when I tasted what was – for me – one of the most profound Palmer’s of the past 30 years. Tasting the 2005 today, and remembering it as it was back then, is spine tingling. If you’re into this kind of stuff – or ready to be – this is a MUST HAVE!

 “This spectacular offering should continue to improve, and may merit an even higher score after additional aging. Stunningly rich and powerful…Aromas of incense, burning embers, black currants, plums, licorice, and flowers…more weight and power even than its nearby first-growth rival, Chateau Margaux….exceptional fruit extract…so concentrated…” 97 Robert Parker

Interested in picking up a few bottles?

Buy Palmer Now