2008 Bodega Sur de Los Andes ~ Bonarda | Argentina

2008 Bodega Sur de los Andes Bonarda

2008 Bodega Sur de Los Andes

Sur de Los Andes

Bonarda Dry Red Table Wine

Mendoza, Argentina

“Deep ruby purple, bordering on opaque in color to the rim. Deeply aromatic and aggressive with pronounced wood smoke, caramel, black licorice, truffle and other assorted torrefaction components; certainly one for the New-World, oak-lover crowd. Aggressive on the palate as well, with a sweetly black raspberry component and being marked by warmth from the alcohol. Served cellar temperature, it’s less aggressive, allowing the fruit to be enjoyed. Purely new world in style, with no rough edges, cleanly made and easily understood; if not a bit stunted by the wood and alcohol. Overall very good and approachable.”

Review by Cepage Noir Wine Co. (CM)

Score: 85

“A Very Good wine of excellent character that often belies its price point.”

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