Laetitia Winery – Tardivat’s Dream Lives On

I told myself I was going to approach these Recession Busters with less apparent fanfare than the weekly newsletters for one simple reason: “cheap don’t need no hype!” 

But after the realization that the several thousand recipients of yesterday’s e*blast apparently overlooked the absolutely untouchable price on the Laetitia Pinot Noir, I’ve decided it behooves me to rattle your in-boxes.  If you’re a fan of scrumptious Pinot Noir, and if you’re a fan of saving money, and if you’re a fan of securing a wine right here in your own town at a price that can not be beat anywhere else, you owe it to yourself to read on….

First, a quick background on Laetitia, for the few who may be unfamiliar with one of the best-selling Pinots in the Houston market.  The winery now known as Laetitia began its life back in the early 1980s as the American sparkling-wine property of the famous Champagne house, Maison Deutz.  The French viticulturists working for Maison Deutz studied the Arroyo Grande Valley of California’s Central Coast, liked what they found and opted for planting nearly 200 acres to prime grape types such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, all with the goal of producing an American “Premium Champagne”. 

By 1997, after more than a decade producing successful American methode champenoise, Deutz sold their operation to then vineyard-manager Mr. Tardivat.  Tardivat, father to the lovely Laetitia, renamed the winery in his daughter’s honor, and the operation began to focus on production of still wines, leaving the sparkling wine business behind.  Proving a wise decision indeed, this move to the production of Pinot Noir resulted in some of the most pristine and pure offers of that varietal ever bottled in this part of California.

Today’s ownership of Laetitia carries on the tradition of bottling some of this region’s most perfumed, pure and delicate examples of Pinot Noir.  More than a decade of producing Pinot Noir in the Arroyo Grande Valley and surrounding appellations has resulted in numerous coveted reviews for these stellar offers by some of the most respected authors of our time.  One glance at the reviews from Burghound, for example, confirms the dedication to excellence this winery has committed itself to since first venturing into the world of Pinot Noir production.

I encourage my readers to once again consider this fantastic offer from the great folks at Laetitia. 

For not only do we have one rock solid bottle of Pinot before us, we have it at a price that simply can not be beat!

2006 Laetitia Estate Pinot Noir
Laetitia Winery
Pinot Noir Dry Red Table Wine
Arroyo Grande Valley, San Luis Obispo, Central Coast, California, USA

Review by Allen Meadow’s Burghound Issue 28, Oct 2007
Tasting note:

“High Quality: [A Wine] that offers solid quality in every respect and generally very good typicity… Worth your attention.” Burghound
Drink: 2008+

        “Noticeable if not invasive oak treatment frames pretty upper register red pinot and raspberry fruit aromas that lead to delicious, round and sweet flavors that possess a textured and slightly dusty mouth feel and fine length where the oak resurfaces. This is nicely complex and should reward a year or two of bottle age.”
                — Allen Meadows, Burghound

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