Importer Focus II – The Incomparable Peter Weygandt

This week’s series began with a thundering clap, as I offered those with eager minds the opportunity to follow a seemingly innocent link hovering in a short, four line email (see “Futures” tab, above).  For the brave, that link lead to one of the most illustrious reviews the wine world has witnessed in some time.  And while the vast majority of readers today simply can not, or more precisely will not, part with that much money for a single bottle of wine, the fact remains that no one can argue with the absolute greatness we witnessed – at least on paper.  Just to know that wines of that pedigree are but a phone call away has a lot to say about certain wine merchant’s offers.

Now I’d like to bring things back to Earth for a moment.  Part II of this series, a series I’m dubbing “The Incomparable”, will focus on real wine for real people.  I’ve been introducing to you through these pages some of the higher end wines from Peter Weygandt over these past weeks and the numbers – both the dollars and the points, if you will – have been quite dear.  But what makes Weygandt one of those importers for the People is his ability to source outstanding wines, well, FOR THE PEOPLE.

Today’s singular offer comes to us from within Weygandt’s portfolio of “daily” drinkers, a wine made and priced for afternoon and evening drinking while the triple digit ‘humdingers’ are aging.  It is produced by one of the wine world’s most gifted and passionate wine-makers, as well.  And drinking this wine, as I am now, just as I am writing to you, speaks volumes as to Charvin’s dedication – and gifted humor.

As many of you are probably aware, the Domaine I am referring to, Gerard Charvin, is now run by Laurent Charvin.  Laurent has taken over this fantastically famous estate in the heart of Chateauneuf du Pape and, without question, what he has accomplished is nothing short of true perfection.  He continues to excel at his craft of turning out head turning, exquisite Chateauneufs capable of decades of graceful aging.  This new release for him, called “A Cote” aims to offer his drinkers a wine for consumption while his more brooding wines rest in your cellar.

I also stock, as I have for many vintages now, Charvin’s Chateauneuf, but today, we discuss this wonderful new release, this “A Cote”.  This fabulous new discovery is sealed with a Stelvin capsule, from that very first point we know this is for daily use; it’s easy open, easy access!  Pop and pour and this is wonderfully alluring, full flavored, full bodied and packed with dark fruits, great grip and a terrific resemblance to Chateauneuf with its smokey, gamey, plummy character.  This is pure Southern Rhone and 100% Charvin in character.  Full bodied and full of character, you’d never guess this to be 50% Merlot!  Like I said, his humor is in here too!


2006  Domaine Gerard Charvin Vin de Pays A Cote
EARL Charvin
50% Grenache, 50% Merlot Dry Red Table Wine
Southern Rhone, Rhone, France
Review by Robert Parker
Wine Advocate # 173 (Oct 2007)
Rating: 87
A very good wine displaying various degrees of finesse and flavor as well as character…” Robert Parker
Drink 2007 – 2010
        “Charvin has a new offering, a blend of 50% Grenache and 50% Merlot that is his comical take-off on the movie Sideways. The 2006 A Cote is surprisingly good, with very attractive, plump, gamey black cherry and chocolatey fruit intermixed with some cedar and sweet cherries. It is delicious and best drunk over the next several years.

        Laurent Charvin is carrying on as one of the most passionate, committed young vignerons of Chateauneuf du Pape and seems to go from strength to strength with his winemaking. I have recently been drinking my stocks of the 1998, and it seems to have hit that magical sweet spot in its evolution, although it has plenty of years to go. Importer: Peter Weygandt, Weygandt-Metzler, Unionville, PA.”
                — Robert Parker

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