GOOD Wine in H-Town @ <$10 Part II

The Series Continues…

For those still with us, today marks the latest installment in a multi-part series offering to bring vinous salvation to those in desperate search for the types of wines an honest wine merchant would not only offer for sale, but actually consume in the privacy of his own home.  These are wines yours truly pours, drinks and quaffs while the family busily prepares a Tuesday night bath; wines that actually have a place in my personal wine racks.  And while it has become tearfully obvious that H-town’s wine drinking public has grown terribly suspicious of its merchant’s selections in this sub-$10 price point, be soothed dear readers.  THIS merchant, for one, is truly on your side.

Our premier offer in this series, a wine that now rests in my racks at home, destined for nice Steak Panini, was one referenced and reviewed exclusively by yours truly.  I recently addressed the notion of retailer as reviewer and the thoughts that some in the business and I share on this notion.  And while I thought I made a relatively strong point when I presented my case, it continues to appear true that, at least in H-town, people require the words of PAID, professional critics to guide them in their wine purchases.

Perhaps this need for guidance from someone that one is paying for a review, as opposed to someone one is paying for the wine, stems from the oft-heard stories I have collected over my ten years as a retailer here in H-town.  It’s a constant and consistent report from folks; far too often they have been the victim of unscrupulous merchants.  To that, once again, all I can offer is my promise, words that have been my guide and my slogan for as long as I have been in the business: “Dedicated to the discovery and enjoyment of the World’s Greatest Wines.” 

BUT, to make the decision making process easier for the jilted many, today’s offer comes with that all important Parker-ization.  I love it, too, for those seeking my advice.  I have for many years; in fact, I first imported the wines of Roquebrun as far back as the early 1990s.  But we’ll leave that for another day.  Let’s hear from the PAID experts today:


2006  Cave de Roquebrunn Coteaux du Languedoc Col de Lairole
Proprietary Blend Dry Red Table Wine
Coteaux du Languedoc, Languedoc Roussillon, France
Review by Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate (D.S.)
Wine Advocate # 178 (Aug 2008)
Rating: 86

“A very good wine displaying various degrees of finesse and flavor as well as character…” Robert Parker
Drink – 2009+
Estimated Cost: $9+
        “The 2006 Coteaux du Languedoc Col de Lairole a blend of Carignan and Grenache with lesser amounts of Syrah and Mourvedre is a sappy, rustic, slightly gamey, black-fruited, medium-bodied red that will do service over at least the next year. The smoky, resinous, and toasted nut overtones one associates with Carignan on these schistic soils is present in spades in this remarkable value. The coop of Rocquebrun, located in the Saint-Chinian appellation, puts their name on the capsules and in tiny print on the labels of their wines, so that the brand designations appearing after the appellation in my descriptions are those that you will find prominently displayed.”